Manufactured in the United States

mLIFE DX COVID-19 Saliva Test

Clinically Proven, Oral Swab Test.

mLIFE DX Back COVID-19 Saliva Test is an oral swab test that is used by healthcare professionals when performing an oral swab test to detect Covid-19 infection.

  • Can detect a current Covid-19 infection 2-14 days post exposure.
  • The simplicity and efficacy of this test makes it the most convenient option for testing for Covid-19.
  • Specimen can be collected in any environment, whether in the privacy of at-home or in an office setting.
  • It's application is ideal for telemedicine visit usage as the patients can collect sample themselves easily.
  • Lab testing is required using CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited laboratories.

Saliva Vs. Nasopharyngeal study

Saliva is more sensitive for SARS-CoV-2 detection in COVID-19 patients than nasopharyngeal swabs.